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We’re Local, We’re IndieBound

IndieBound is ABA’s local first marketing initiative. Elements include marketing and advocacy assets, the Indie Bestseller List, the Indie Next List, and the Monthly Box mailings, as well as the consumer focused ecommerce website and affiliate program.

Many multi-format digital marketing assets may be downloaded from the For Booksellers section, including the popular “Here’s What You Just Did” poster, IndieBound “Eat Sleep Read” and ”Snack Nap Read” files, and other designs. Files can be used in-store ­— or by your local independent neighborhood printer — to create personalized bookmarks, displays, clothing and whatever creation you think of! Web and social media campaign oriented and seasonal files are also included in the Marketing Assets section.

You can purchase high-quality versions of poster designs, as well as t-shirts and other merchandise, from the IndieBound online shop at RedBubble.

ABA members in good standing will be included in the store locator on Those ABA members using ABA’s ecommerce platforms IndieCommerce or IndieLite, or that offer a full database of titles and a standard shopping cart on their websites, will be included as a purchase option for customers of

Authors are great potential partners for independent bookstores. ABA encourages all members to request that authors visiting for reading and events link to an indie for book sales, either through your store website or the affiliate program. This is a key component of spreading the word about supporting your store! To help, ABA has created a flier that explains the benefits of linking to an indie for sales fulfillment.

For information about receiving the monthly Box Mailings be sure to read about the qualifying criteria. For questions about IndieBound please contact your Member Relationship Manager or email [email protected].

Community-Based, Independently Owned

The yearly survey of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance has found that independent businesses benefit from the public interest in supporting them. So let your communities know loud, clear, and often that you are local and independent and here.


Use these talking points as conversation starters, story hooks, or as an answer to the question, “Why shop local and independent?”


Embrace Enthusiasm and Expertise

Local retailers are your friends and neighbors. They have a vested interest in knowing how to serve you, and they’re absolutely passionate about what they do. Take advantage of it.

Invest in Entrepreneurship

Creativity and entrepreneurship are what the American economy is founded upon. Nurturing local business ensures a strong community.

Support Local Economies

For every $100 you spend at a local indie business, $52 will stay in the community.

Foster Uniqueness

You wouldn’t want your house to look like everyone else’s. Why would you want your community to look that way? More diversity in your community enhances its appeal.


Create Local Jobs

Local businesses are better at creating higher-paying jobs for our neighbors.

Create More Choice

Local businesses carry a wider array of unique products because they buy for their own market: the people in their community. They know you and know what you like and want.

Conserve Tax Dollars

Buying local means less infrastructure and more money to beautify your community. Buying local instead of online ensures that sales taxes are reinvested where they belong: in your community.

Nurture Community

Besides the pleasure of knowing your local retailers, studies have shown that local businesses donate to community causes at more than twice the rate of chains.

Make Your Community a Destination

The more interesting and unique a community, the more it will attract new neighbors, visitors, and guests. This benefits everyone.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Buying from a local business conserves energy and resources (less fuel for transportation and less packaging) and you know the products are safe and well made because your local retailers stand behind them.

About ABA

The American Booksellers Association, a national not-for-profit trade organization, works with booksellers and industry partners to ensure the success and profitability of independently owned book retailers, and to assist in expanding the community of the book.

Independent bookstores act as community anchors; they serve a unique role in promoting the open exchange of ideas, enriching the cultural life of communities, and creating economically vibrant neighborhoods.


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