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Welcome! Please fill out the following form to help ABA better understand our membership and ensure appropriate representation in all facets of our programs, services, committees, board of directors, and educational content. Questions that have more than one possible answer are multiple-select enabled, and most questions also have a write-in field for self-description. We hope this survey is inclusive and allows for the nuance and fluidity of identity, while also recognizing demographic data collection is a complex and imperfect endeavor. This information will never be used to discriminate, but rather aims to assist ABA in our efforts toward equity and inclusion.

By filling out this survey, you give ABA permission to share aggregated information with the media and partners in appropriate circumstances and to share individual demographic responses if opting in Yes to the "Can this information be shared with publishers?" question below.

About ABA

The American Booksellers Association, a national not-for-profit trade organization, works with booksellers and industry partners to ensure the success and profitability of independently owned book retailers, and to assist in expanding the community of the book.

Independent bookstores act as community anchors; they serve a unique role in promoting the open exchange of ideas, enriching the cultural life of communities, and creating economically vibrant neighborhoods.


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